The Company

An introduction to the love of dance! These tiny tots will explore rhythms and movement in a loving classroom environment. The kinder company will dance for one half hour class a week. This program is non-competitive.

Dancers in these companies will learn the fundamentals of dance in a nurturing and positive environment. Their classes focus on basic technique and movement while learning structure, discipline and nurturing their love of dance.

The mini & junior dancers continue to concentrate on the development of foundational technique while exploring more artistic style. They have an enriched blend of technique and combo classes. These high level classes encourage young dancers to learn the value of hard work and the connection between mind and body. With a focus on developing confidence and building relationships and teamwork skills, these dancers discover a balance between fun and discipline.

These dancers will be introduced to a more mature and expressive movement. Also introducing more advanced technique and variations of numerous jumps, turns and extensions. They will embark on a beautiful artistic journey while also learning teaching techniques and choreography development.